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The CJC-CLAS initiative exposes law students to actual criminal defence work by allowing students to work with practising lawyers. The initiative seeks to help law students see the relevance of their classroom education and promote an interest in Pro Bono Criminal Defence work.

Students will either be attached to a lawyer at the CLAS office or a private firm. More details can be found below.
Our History
In 2016, the CJC began collaborating with The Law Society of Singapore to expose students to criminal law in practice. Students were given opportunities to work alongside Criminal Legal Aid Scheme ("CLAS") practitioners while securing pro bono hours.  

The first two projects launched were the CJC-CLAS Semester Internship and the NUS Law CLAS “Hotline”. Under the internship, students were assigned to assist CLAS Fellows in their caseloads. On the other hand, the CLAS “Hotline” was designed as a support resource where CLAS Fellows and volunteer lawyers working on CLAS cases could send requests for research assistance.
Over the years, the CJC-CLAS Semester Internship has been continuously modified and improved in response to feedback from both the CLAS office and students. For instance, the attachment has been extended to both Summer and Semester breaks. The attachment is also now run as an externship, allowing more students to benefit from the programme.

In 2018, the CJC piloted a new CJC-LASCO initiative in partnership with the Supreme Court Registry. Under this programme, students are now given the opportunity to work alongside defence counsels that have been assigned to capital offence cases .
  • Esther Lee
  • Sim Li-Anne
  • Byrna Tan
    Vice-Director (Partnerships)
  • Tan Yean San
    Vice-Director (Training)
  • Sean Lee
    Vice-Director (Training)
Our Programmes
  • Externs will be attached to a lawyer at the CLAS office located at the State Courts.

    Clas Office Externships

    The externship is typically offered in four tranches each academic year - Semester 1, Winter break, Semester 2, or the Summer break.

  • Interns/externs will be attached to a lawyer from a private firm who is doing CLAS work.

    CLAS Attachments with Private Firms

    Subject to availability, the CLAS private firm attachment is offered throughout the year. The duration of each private firm attachment also varies.

  • Students will be attached to a defence lawyer who is handling a LASCO case.

    CJC-LASCO Initiative

    Externs who perform well during the CLAS office externship and are recommended by the CLAS office will have the chance to take part in the Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences ('LASCO').

  • Training workshops are held regularly to ensure that CJC members are sufficiently equipped for their attachments.

    Training Workshops

    Panel discussions and conferences with industry experts are also organised to generate a greater awareness of Criminal Defence work in Singapore.

Other Resources
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