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CJC Forensics

How do I go about signing up to be a member of CJC-F?

Membership applications for AY20/21 are opening very soon! Follow @nuscriminaljustice and stay tuned for the recruitment update!

What are the main activities held by CJC-F?

This year, CJC-F has planned two activities for its members: (1) the Forensics Science Welcome Event and (2) the Forensics Imaginarium Experience.

At the Welcome Event, members will learn the basic concepts of forensic science through a series of introductory lectures. As part of the Event, members will also get the opportunity to apply their newly-learnt skills to a hypothetical murder problem.

In addition, members will learn about forensics through virtual reality, courtesy of NUS TEL Imaginarium and the Forensic Science Minor Family.

What is the e-mail newsletter?

Whether you are a member or not, you will receive updates about our publications as well as upcoming events through e-mail! We believe this best helps us bring the latest developments in CJC-F to you.

*Note that this service is currently unavailable.

What is the commitment level like? Will I be able to manage?

As a member of the CJC, we strongly encourage you to participate in all CJC-organised events to keep you up to speed with matters related to criminal law and practice. These events are generally planned to avoid common “peak periods”.

Specific to CJC-F, expect about one major event/project per semester, for which your workload may be heavier during the semester breaks if you are involved in planning. Otherwise, your involvement in most events/projects would be ad-hoc.

What are the main events held by CJC-F?

This year, CJC-F will continue to hold our annual Forensic Science Conference.

During this event, participants will get to interact with forensics experts and lawyers and understand how forensic science is utilised in criminal trials. Interested participants can also demonstrate their cross-examination skills at the Forensic Expert Advocacy Competition (part of the Conference).

What do I do as a member of CJC-F?

As a member of CJC-F, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of forensic science. Through our collaboration with the Forensic Science Minor Family, you will further learn to analyse evidence in a laboratory and experiment with forensics in a virtual environment.

In addition, you will get the opportunity to interview forensics experts and practitioners and provide your own unique perspective on the importance of forensics science in the criminal justice system.

What are publications?

Each semester will have a unique theme that is central to our publications. Building on this theme, members will get the opportunity to interview various forensics experts and lawyers and write articles reflecting on important developments in forensic science.

At the end of the semester, the articles written by our members will be collated into a journal and disseminated to our readers.