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Over the years, as technology infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives, forensic technologies have also advanced to help solve crimes as though they were from a science fiction thriller. In fact, there are a whole myriad of incredibly cool and interesting forensic technologies that you probably never knew existed.1. Can genetics pinpoint what a person looks like?The most powerful tool in forensic science is the idea of DNA testing, because it gives you the “who”. With the identity of the person, the law enforcement can be well aided inSEE DETAILS

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If you’ve watched CSI or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you might have some idea of what forensics can do. From finding “invisible” blood using luminol to identifying fingerprints at the scene of a crime, these are just some of the commonly dramatised forensic methods on TV shows and movies. However, here are some other facts that you might not have known about! (1) Rifling can be used to identify the type of gun used can be seen as the “fingerprint” of a gun. It refers to the spiral lands and grooves in aSEE DETAILS <span class="more-link-hover-image...

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