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CJC Forensics

CJC Forensics ("CJC-F") is a newly launched student-led initiative that aims to explore the role forensic science plays across the criminal legal landscape. In a criminal trial, forensic evidence is critical for the identification of the perpetrator and in determining exactly when and how a crime was committed. CJC-F aspires to increase awareness and cultivate interest in forensic science, emphasising its importance in the criminal justice system.
In collaboration with the Forensic Science Programme, we seek to achieve 3 goals:
To Inquire

Project groups in CJC-F are formed based on our members’ interests. There are plenty of opportunities for cross-disciplinary sharing within and across project groups and engagement with practitioners and experts. 
To Inspire 

Organise enriching events for the student population to not only learn more about the crucial role forensic science plays in the criminal justice system, but also an opportunity to put their cross-examination skills to the test through the annual NUS Forensic Science Expert Advocacy Competition.
To Inform 

Present the complexities of forensics in a digestible form through our articles.
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CJC-F Team
  • Alyssa Phua is a fourth year NUS undergraduate pursuing her double degree in Law and Business. As the director of CJC-F, she directs, coordinates and oversees all activities, events and projects.

    Alyssa Phua Sze Ying
  • Ellione is a Year 3 Chemical Engineering student pursuing a minor in Forensic Science. As the deputy director of CJC-F, she oversees the internal activities and assists Alyssa in coordinating the events in CJC-F.

    Ellione Chow Kar Wei
    Deputy Director
  • Zhixian is a Year 2 Data Science and Analytics and the team lead for the Internal Activities - Culture Team. Along with her team leads, she plans and organises all activities for members of the club, ranging from workshops to bonding sessions.

    Tong Zhi Xian
    Internal Activities - Culture
  • Meng Kai is a Year 1 Law student in NUS. He is one of the team leads in the Internal events team which is in-charge of organising and executing internal events.

    Teo Meng Kai
    Internal Activities - Culture + Anti-Doping Seminar
  • Hi! I am Nisha. I am studying Masters in Forensic science. My specific interest lies in criminal scene investigation techniques and I’m here as the CJC internal activities team lead to share my knowledge with fellow CJC members, nurture their talents and interests, and facilitate connections between fellow team members to drive the dynamics of the CJC forensics team!

    Sundaresan Nisha
    Internal Activities - Culture
  • My name is Judith, I am currently a y1 law student! My grandparents used to tell me true crime stories growing up (especially the ones during the war) and that is what got me interested in criminal law! In turn, I love telling stories and hope that the podcasts will be a way for you to discover the secrets of Singapore’s criminal scene.

    Tan Jia Ying Judith
    Internal Activities - Outreach
  • Vanessa is a Year 1 Law student at NUS College. As a Team Lead for the Forensic Science Conference and Expert Advocacy Cup, she facilitates the planning of these key events that raise awareness in the application of forensic science to law.

    Vanessa Law Lok Yan
  • Tawakul is a Year 2 Engineering Science and Physics student. As the team lead for the Forensics Science Conference, he hopes to spread interest in Forensics to the everyday person.

    Muhammad Tawakul Bin Haji Abdullah
  • Ee Ing is a Year 2 Law student in-charge of organising Expert Advocacy Cup. She hopes to bring like-minded individuals together to learn more about how law and forensic science are used to solve criminal cases.

    Quek Ee Ing
  • I am Niyun, Y2 student majoring in Data Science and Economics! I am a great fan of Criminal Minds and hope to spread the love of forensic science to everyone! 😃

    Xie Niyun
  • Danielle is a MSc Forensic Science Master’s student in NUS. She is currently one of the leads for the Research and Publication Team.

    Danielle Sng
    Research and Publication
  • Andy is a Year 3 Psychology major and Forensic Science minor student. As one of the team leads for Research and Publication, he hopes to be able to publish various articles of forensically relevant fields made easy for anyone to read so as to spread knowledge and awareness of forensic science.

    Andy Teo
    Research and Publication
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