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CJC Forensics

CJC Forensics ("CJC-F") is a newly launched student-led initiative that aims to explore the role forensic science plays across the criminal legal landscape. In a criminal trial, forensic evidence is critical for the identification of the perpetrator and in determining exactly when and how a crime was committed. CJC-F aspires to increase awareness and cultivate interest in forensic science, emphasising its importance in the criminal justice system.
In collaboration with the Forensic Science Programme, we seek to achieve 3 goals:
We Inquire

Project groups in CJC-F are formed based on our members’ interests. There are plenty of opportunities for cross-disciplinary sharing within and across project groups and engagement with practitioners and experts. 
We Inspire 

Organise enriching events for the student population to not only learn more about the crucial role forensic science plays in the criminal justice system, but also an opportunity to put their cross-examination skills to the test through the annual NUS Forensic Science Expert Advocacy Competition.
We Inform 

Present the complexities of forensics in a digestible form through our articles.
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CJC-F Team
  • Alyssa is a Year 3 Law student in NUS, pursuing a double degree with business. As the director of CJC-F, she is in-charge of directing, coordinating and overseeing all activities, events and projects in CJC-F.

    Alyssa Phua
  • Hao Xiang is a Year 2 Law student at NUS Law. As deputy director of CJC-F, he manages CJC-F’s internal events and assists Alyssa in overseeing the club’s major projects.

    Ng Hao Xiang
    Deputy Director
  • Mitchell graduated from the NUS Faculty of Law with a minor in Forensic Science. He is currently embarking on his Masters in Forensic Science at NUS and leading the Digital Forensics project as the Project Manager.

    Mitchell Leon Siu Kin
    Project Manager - Digital Forensics
  • Sabrina is an MSc Forensic Science student. As a Project Manager of the Digital Forensics project, she works with her team to build their knowledge and skills in digital forensics, and make outreach efforts to generate awareness and interest in the field.

    Ng Phui Fun Sabrina
    Project Manager – Digital Forensics
  • Cherylynn is a Year 2 Law student. As a Project Manager of the Forensic Toxicology project, she curates the project timeline and vet articles related to forensic toxicology.

    Tan Shi Qing, Cherylynn
    Project Manager – Forensic Toxicology
  • Celine is a recent graduate from NUS Pharmacy. As a Project Manager of the Forensic Toxicology project, she guides the team with her knowledge of drugs, and edits articles relating to forensic toxicology.

    Celine Cheow
    Project Manager – Forensic Toxicology
  • Harvinder is a Forensic Science Master's student in NUS. As a Project Manager of the Forensic Psychology project, she directs the project's outline based on the interests of the team along with relevance to topics in Forensic Psychology.

    Harvinder Kaur
    Project Manager – Forensic Psychology
  • Tabitha is a Year 1 Psychology student in NUS, and the current Project Manager for Forensic Psychology project. She is responsible for overseeing and editing the articles, posts, or literature reviews.

    Tabitha Chua Jia En
    Project Manager – Forensic Psychology
  • Jia Ying is a Year 2 Law student in-charge of the Forensic Science Conference and Expert Advocacy Cup. Fascinated by law in practice, she hopes to raise awareness of the fusion of law and forensic science in the solving of criminal cases.

    Lee Jia Ying
    Forensic Science Conference & Expert Advocacy Cup In-Charge
  • Si Min is a Year 4 Life Science student. As the Project Manager, she facilitates the Forensic Entomology project's programme planning, seeking to raise more awareness on the application of forensic entomology in court.

    Tan Si Min
    Project Manager – Forensic Entomology
  • Ellione is a Year 2 Chemical Engineering student pursuing a minor in forensic science. As a Project Manager for the Forensic Pathology project, she works with her team to increase awareness and interest in forensic pathology.

    Ellione Chow Kar Wei
    Project Manager – Forensic Pathology
  • Khai is a Year 4 undergraduate from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. With his passion in finding novel applications of technology to help solve crime, he leads the Virtual C.S.I Project as the Project Manager.

    Muhammad Khairul Fikri
    Project Manager – Virtual C.S.I
Board of Advisors
  • Prof Stella is the Director of the Forensic Science programmes at NUS Faculty of Science. She has postgraduate qualifications in law, science and forensic science. She was a Deputy Senior State Counsel at AGC and later Director (Prosecution and Legal Policy) at HSA.

    Associate Professor Stella Tan Wei Ling
  • Benny is an Assistant Professor in NUS Faculty of Law, teaching criminal and evidence law. He was a DPP and State Counsel at AGC and acted, on a pro bono basis, as a defence counsel in criminal cases.

    Assistant Professor Benny Tan
  • Zheng Yen is doctoral researcher and a resident teaching assistant for the Forensic Science programmes at the Faculty of Science. He received Honourable Mention as Expert Witness for NUS Forensic Science Expert Advocacy Cup 2020.

    Forensic Science TA Zheng Yen Phua
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